We are brutal.

"Just because you've got an office or a shop in the high street - doesn't mean that you shouldn't have a website that easily attracts visitors & converts them into happy, buying customers"

- Simon Sutton George

Who are we?

We've been working on websites, automated sales funnels, digital marketing, content marketing and digital advertising since 2009 ... Yup, Facebook had just turned 5 years old, and the internet was still growing and we were slowly growing with it.


If you haven't got a website, we can certainly design and build one from scratch for you (we did this one), although it's got to be said, website design isn't really what we're all about


This is what we're really all about. So, you've got a website but you need to know better ways to attract more website visitors and convert those visitors into leads & then into buyers


We'll learn about your customers and discuss strategies that'll help you grow your website with the right content and then help you run paid digital ads to grow your business


Finally, we'll look at ways that you can implement automated digital systems to assist you in your sales process until your warm leads are ready to buy from you to become customers

How we work.

1 We'll need a chat, that's for sure. We're going to have to dig deep to find out who your ideal customers are. We're going to have ask some personal questions about where you are now, where you want to go with your business and what your plans are to get there ... it might get emotional.

2 Once we've sussed out what your plans are and where you're going, we'll be able to use that information to work out a strategy for your digital presence. When we've done that, we'll discuss our proposal with you and once your plans and budgets have been discussed and agreed, we'll move onto the next step ... now all you need to do is, stay calm.

3 Right, this is it, now all of the hard work gets put into action. Your agreed plan is implemented under our supervision. We'll be working alongside you so if you have any questions along the way, all you've got to do is shout.

4 After 2 weeks, we'll start to look at how it's all going - we'll look at the analytics - and we'll find out from you how you think it's going your end. After 4 weeks, we'll report back on what's working well and what needs tweaking or binning and we'll carry on with the good stuff. Give it another 2 weeks and we'll see if the good stuff really is the good stuff. That way, you'll know what's going on and how it's working ... now you can get excited.

5Next, it's all up to you. We can either carry on working together and make you and your company the most awesome company in the whole wide world high street or we can part ways and you carry on with what's been working for you. It's not rocket science, it just needs someone like us to show you how to start and you just carry on the good work ... if we part company, we still remain friends, OK?

6If we've parted company but after a while you think you'd like us back again, we'll be happy to come back and work for you. We'll have to see where you're up to, we'll have to see if you've kept up with what we initially discussed, recommended and implemented or maybe you just need a little tweak again .... yes, we can do little tweaks, we love little tweaks.