Are you looking for help with your digital marketing?

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I guess you’re here for help on your digital marketing.

The truth is that I really want to impart my experience and knowledge of digital marketing, web design and how to grow your database of potential customers.

I’m actually an estate agent in Tenerife and have had my business  since 2009. I designed and developed my own website which has improved out of all proportion to what it was when I first started it way back when…

For my estate agency in Tenerife it’s the best way to get customers, it’s free … well, I mean it’s free after you’ve paid for the design and hosting and so on but in my opinion there is no a better way to get leads than on your own website.

There are many different things that I used to design my website and there are many different types of marketing that’s possible to get new customers and on this particular website I want to give you information and help.


So, if you have a bricks and mortar store and you use your website to get customers to your store or use your website to sell your products directly to your customers, this site is for you.

What you will learn on this website?

What I did on my website to get it to page number one of Google for several sought after search terms.

What are the best types of design and offers for your website that will attract visitors.

What the biggest mistakes are that entrepreneurs make that lose them potential customers.

How to grow your database of potential customers and how to use email at its best to get in a position of authority in the mind of your potential customer when they want to buy your product.

How you can target social media traffic and give them value they will never forget.

How to choose what kind of social media users you’re going to target specifically for your paid ads.

What kind of content you need on your website that will give value to your visitors to easily become customers.

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