How to get on to page 1 of Google


There are no shortcuts to getting to page 1 on Google search results and if you’re here thinking that you’re going to find the shortcut, you might as well stop reading now…there isn’t one but here I’ll give you some help in how to get on to page 1 of Google.

The way to get to number 1 on Google search results is to work at it and in this article I’ll outline some things that need to be done.

Google uses many tools and algorithms to work out what’s best for their customer.

It’s a long process and it’s not easy working on your website while others are at the beach or at a party with their friends but if you understand the basic ideas and work at it, it won’t take that long.

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There are only a few people that will read this article that will be willing to do the work required and continue to put in the work on a regular basis to get their website ranked on page 1 of Google for certain search terms, so in a way, that helps you because if you choose to do the work, you’re one step ahead of the others.

One of the first things that you need is to make sure that your website has information. The sounds easy but it’s got to be interesting and useful information that your viewers need and want to use…hopefully like this article.

One of the most important things that Google looks at when deciding which web pages to suggest on page 1 of their search results is if the information that’s on the page meets the criteria that has been asked for by the person searching Google. If the information on your page matches what the Google user is looking for, then you stand a chance of being shown on page 1.

How to get on to page 1 of Google

Over time, if Google places your webpage within the top 10 of the search results on page 1 and it sees that many people click on the page and stay on that page for some time, Google assumes that the user has found that the information on your webpage was interesting, so the next time that Google is asked to provide information on the same search term, the chances are good that it will show that page again in the top 10 of page 1 of Google because it was a success last time…it might even be higher on the page than last time as well.

Writing information that is useful to your visitors takes time and this is what I mean by work. Each page that you write on your website needs to be fresh and entertaining content. Each page should be a minimum of 300 words…but that’s an absolute minimum. It doesn’t automatically mean that the longer the article on your webpage, the better placed on Google the page will be but, if you have more than 300 words in your article, then Google will have more to offer their visitors.

A photo is worth a thousand words and that’s true with Google as well. People like to look at pictures and to be honest, probably prefer them, but you can’t say everything that you want to say just with photographs but I suggest that you put some photos and pictures within your article, it’ll help your reader by not having to face a large task of reading all of those words.

Back-links are also very useful for Google to know if the webpage is of interest to the viewer. A back-link is where one webpage links to another webpage and if those webpages are about the same type of industry or subject then Google uses that as another reason to assume that the information on your web page is useful. As one page links to another it is showing Google that other websites are finding the information useful and therefore Google will offer those pages that have back-links as results on page 1 of Google search results.

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On my website Tenerife Property Group (that’s a back-link to my real estate website – although to be honest it probably won’t carry much weight because this article is not talking about real estate in Tenerife), it took me 3 years to get to page 1 for the search term “Cheap property for sale in Tenerife” and also “Bank repossessions in Tenerife”. These search terms are important for my real estate business because users that are looking to buy property in Tenerife will probably use those search terms…try it if you like. If you do, my website Tenerife Property Group should come up on page 1 of Google search.

As I said, it took me about 3 years to get to that position but that’s just for 1 page in my website and one result in Google, but it works and it works really well. I’ve got other pages that are of interest to buyers of property in Tenerife but again, it takes time to work out what you’re going to write about and then actually doing the work required to to get the article written and then not only having the patience to wait for it to start being found but also to start thinking of the next article and get that written as well…oh and don’t forget, don’t get despondent when you don’t start seeing results quickly…it takes time.

My real estate website has over 1,000 pages and only a select few actually come up on page 1 of Google searches…my subject matter is very competitive and I’m sure that there are many estate agencies that have paid a lot of money to companies to get them on page 1 for these search terms.

As I’ve said before, it’s not easy and it takes time but its worth it over time.

What you do with your visitors once they’ve found your website and read your content is also very important…that’s the next step.

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