Please stop advertising poorly on Facebook

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Please stop advertising poorly on Facebook

There’s loads of advertising on Facebook that has become stale, in fact there’s a lot of advertising that has become stale…not just on Facebook. Everyone is doing the same thing. Businesses are offering their products or services with one advert…”This is what we’ve got…do you want to buy it?”

This type of advertising is becoming boring. In years gone by it was acceptable because buyers – customers and clients…all they wanted to know was where to buy what they wanted. Buyers in years gone by were less aware of being SOLD to, they were happy to know what the latest model of their favourite car looked like and when it was going to be available or what the new kitchen appliance did better than the last one.

These days, your customers are much more aware…now they want to choose…and they want to buy, the don’t want to be sold to.

A friend of mine has recently been given a new position at her job. She now needs to raise money for the company that she works for so that they can run a club on Saturday for disabled children. She’s decided to start off with organising a dinner and a raffle and she’s recently written a few messages out on Facebook that she’s looking for prizes for the raffle – she sounds a little desperate. The only answers to her cry for help are from friends suggesting that she should go to ask local businesses for some support.

In my opinion she’s doing this the wrong way round. She’s unknown to any of these businesses that she’s asking for money or raffle prizes. She’s finding it difficult and I’m sure you can see why.

My friend is not offering any value upfront. She needs to be able to go to the local businesses that already have an idea about what she’s doing and why she’s doing it…but the question is how should she do it…in fact, how should any of us advertise our products and services without just looking like we are holding out our hands for some money?

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This is the secret of today’s advertising methods – it’s about offering value, answering questions, providing free assistance when required and telling your audience what you do and what you sell…then when your customers are ready they will buy from you. And it’s not only that your customers will buy from you…they’ll feel happy that they haven’t been SOLD to, they feel that they have made their own decision to buy and, of course, if their buying experience is good, they’ll come back for more when the time is right.

So, as a small or medium sized business, how do you go about giving valuable content before you ask for the sale?

If your business is in real estate or food for example, it’s quite obvious how you can utilise Facebook or any media to make potential clients aware of your business. Videos of properties that you have for sale or a video or fantastic photos of your latest culinary feast would be great for informing your potential group of clients.

What if you’re not in that sort of business, where it’s not obvious what sort of advertising that you should be doing?

What if you’re a plumber or a lawyer, they’re not visual types of businesses and it’s not that clear what you could do to make your potential audience aware of you and your business.

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You could set up a Facebook page to offer help and advice to users. If you’re a lawyer or accountant, write an article or record some videos of you giving advice on the latest law that has been agreed by the government. If you’re a plumber, do a video in which you give some valuable information about how to change a tap in the bathroom or what your viewer needs to do to change the sink in the kitchen.

You might think that giving this information away is counter intuitive but if someone is looking for that information on the Internet and your information comes up they may not necessarily be in your town or city but it shows that you care about your potential customers…now, what if that potential customer is in your local town, there’s a good chance that they’re going to use your services either this time or the next time they need someone like you.

Doing this type of advertising takes time and effort and if you’re not willing to put that effort into your business then that’s OK by me but if you give good value to people and don’t ask for anything in return, you’ll attract the business that you deserve…and it’s good business.

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