Starfit Gym in Tenerife


One of the local gyms in my town wanted a digital presence. They’re on Facebook but their digital strategy relied solely on re-posting articles about diet and fitness – that’s not good enough if you want to be found on Google for a certain search term.

I discussed their plans for the future of their business, spoke with them about their existing customer base and delved into what customers they wanted to attract with their website.

Having taken loads of information away from our initial meeting, I designed a website that was based on a blog so that they could continue to offer health, diet and fitness information and suggestions but this meant that they had control over the site themselves.

This is a great way to move up the Google rankings by giving helpful advice on your blog about what your potential customers and clients need. It might well be information that they can find anywhere else on the Internet but if you can break your blog posts down into more detailed and more interesting articles than other local businesses, then you’ll be able to out rank your competition and end up boosting your website up the Google search results page for your desired search term.

So for Starfit, I had some blog posts written in Spanish and added them strategically to the website. I made the website live in October 2015 and by November 3rd 2015 we were on page 11 for the search term “gimnasio Adeje” (gymnasium in Adeje) which was their primary search term requested.


Over the next couple of weeks by adding more information to the website, a few tweaks here and there and some more blog posts, we’d attained page one position 8 on Google search rankings for their favoured search term.

Still needing a little more work, I tweaked the page a little more until the end of November and waited for Google to do its magic. January 2016 and Starfit in Adeje was position one page one on Google for their preferred search term of “Gimnasio Adeje” and to this day…well, as I write…they’re still there.

There are still many more things that need to be done on the website and some digital marketing needs to be done along with maybe a smattering of Facebook or Twitter advertising but having got them to that position on Google that they wanted, their ideas of ruling the world…well, Adeje in Tenerife for the gym pretty much came to a standstill and although I went to a couple more meeting and gave more advice about what they could and should do, sadly nothing was done.

That’s something we should always remember, marketing you local business in a digital way doesn’t mean that once you’ve got a website up and running and you’ve run a few Facebook ads, that’s it. Digital marketing for local businesses especially, is a long term project. You’ve got to keep yourself motivated and although you may have plenty of buying customers now, it doesn’t mean that you can slack off on your efforts.


Clearly we need to be testing – looking at our results and tweaking our marketing to get better results. It’s not all down to hoping that the one search term you choose will get you to the top of the pile and customers will be flooding in. No, it’s along term plan and it needs patience too. To be honest, here in Spain there tends to be less competition for good websites, so maybe this was a bit easier than it would be in your own country but nevertheless, the basics apply to wherever you are in the world.

Set yourself a plan about what you want to achieve from your digital presence. Work out what you can do to achieve that goal by using your website and the other platforms that are available and talk to your customers, tell stories about your existing customers, involve them in your own day to day work, see if you can make it interesting to the outsider, write blog posts that’ll help your potential future customers now and that hopefully give these potential customers the feeling of trust about you and then in the future, they’ll become buyers.

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