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2009 and I, Simon Sutton George, wanted to start an estate agency in Tenerife, so I started researching the idea of a website as a means of advertising the properties that I was going to market and sell -I created Tenerife Property Group.

The idea of having a website was pretty much it. I felt that if I had a website and it had photos of the properties that I wanted to sell and a description then potential customers would get in contact with me and want to buy everything that I was advertising.

Unfortunately, it didn’t really work like that…it still doesn’t, but working through what worked and what didn’t, coming up with ideas about how to offer website visitors value rather than just ramming my properties down their throats and working out ideas that I could add to my website in the hopes that my website visitors would leave their email address, I made my website more attractive to potential buyers and sellers.


I started off back then with a pretty standard website, I was just starting to learn how to make my pages show up on page one of Google. It’s difficult and takes time…if you want to do it, you’ve got to be patient…really patient.

I was reading as much as possible about SEO, how to show up in Google rankings, website design and database management, optins, photography, Facebook ads, Google advertising, social media…the list went on and on…in fact it’s still not finished now. I don’t think that any website should ever be regarded as a finished article. You should always be changing and testing the settings on your website, your advertising, your social media…test everything, improve what works and stick to it but continually testing.



So, after a number of years, I started getting a good idea about what I should be doing, my Tenerife Property Group website started showing up in Google rankings and my email list was growing thanks to a number of value offerings that I was making and property sales started to come in.

I’ve enjoyed the journey so much that I continue to learn about digital marketing, SEO, Social media, Facebook and Google adverts, YouTube videos and email marketing and this is what I can help you with, whether you’re a beginner or already on page one of Google, there’s always something that another interested pair of eyes can help out with…and that’s the key, I’m really interested in digital marketing, looking at the results, seeing what works and what doesn’t and tweaking the things that work to improve on them and then concentrating the efforts on that.

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