The basics of email marketing

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The money is in the list. Marketers have said this for years.

Money – your income from the sales of your products or services – is in the list of people who have developed in your database that are in the research process and will hopefully buy in the future, are buying now or bought and are already customers of yours.

If you can’t reach people who are your potential customers, how can you continue to give them information they need to continue their research on you, your company, your products and prices?

Do you think they will always go to your website to find out more about you? The answer is that it is very unlikely. If you don’t get the email addresses (at least) of visitors to your website, they will possibly go to another web page after yours and you’ve lost them forever.

Think about your favorites in your folder in your web browser … how often during the month do you revisit the websites you’ve saved? Possibly your bank account, your own website and of course, your favorite social media sites like Facebook and so on … but where do you put the pages about things that still might investigate or buy? … Can you remember the pages you were looking at?

Look, for a moment, think of when you were a buyer and you visited a website where you felt comfortable, you felt that the company was professional, the prices were within your budget and the’ll use the company’s future. Perhaps you made a note of the web page in your favorites folder, but be honest … have you looked for that information again?

Imagine if at the same time, when you were researching what you wanted and that one of the web pages offered you a report on the product you were interested. Just write your name and give your email address and the company will send a list of the top 10 benefits for the product or something that you think is quite interesting and makes you want to give them your name and email address … and now the company has your information and you can find out about other offers and prices that there’ll be in the future.

The first website you found was professional, made you comfortable, much as the last and offers the same price that you were comfortable paying … but this second one also offers this list of 10 benefits of using the product, you knew nothing before for the product you are thinking of buying product.

This list of 10 new ideas is only available to you when you enter your e-mail address in a box on their website and then they send the list directly to your inbox … now you are on their email list – you get the idea.

Now that the company has your email address, they can contact you with offers for the product you were thinking about buying if you haven’t bought, they can reinforce their professionalism to you, can tell you about the latest colors or updated designs about its products … basically, they can continue to promote themselves to you without you ever having to go find their web site again.

As the boss of your own business or as an entrepreneur, do you have any way to get the email address of the visitors to your website? – If not, how do you think your company will get the business of these potential customers?

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