The downfall of the high street shop or office

High street shops shopping

The downfall of the high street shop or office started a few years ago with the Internet improving in speed and reliability.

It’s not that long ago that you could walk down the high street and see a Blockbuster shop or for that matter any other video rental shop…video, remember that?

Blockbuster video shop

The high street started to decline as the Internet gained traction

What about Woolworths or BHS?, the Internet, with online stores the likes of Amazon and EBay would certainly have had a hand in their downfall…there’s no denying it, sales in high street shops have certainly been hit over the years by online sales.

My question is, could your shop or office withstand an online version of yourself competing against you?

Granted, there are plenty of businesses on the high street that have to remain as a fixed address “Bricks and Mortar” location due to the nature of their work. You’re not going to find an online dentist…but, and this is the real question…are you going to find your dentist online and if the answer is yes, what are you going to find?

Are you going to part of the downfall?

There’s a difference between being an online business and having a presence online. Being an online business means that you’re online thanks to your website, you attract visitors to your website, you turn those visitors into customers and then you post or electronically send those customers the product that they’ve bought. Those customers never have to come to your office or shop, it’s all done remotely via the Internet.

High street shops shopping

When it comes to a brick and mortar business, one where your customers have to go to your fixed location to obtain their goods or service, historically you’ve never needed a digital presence such as website or a social media account – but in this day and age, it’s imperative. If you don’t have any digital strategy or online presence, not only are you behind the times, you’re probably also well behind your competitors.

Why should you be on the Internet?

Imagine for a moment that a new family moves into your town. It isn’t inconceivable that they’ll need a dentist, want to know where the nearest hairdressers are, they might need a vet for their pets and want to go to the best places in town for entertainment and dining. They might also need to find a good plumber or builder, perhaps they’ll need to go to get their car serviced or even buy a new one.

Yes, all of these businesses need to be in a fixed location otherwise they can’t carry out their particular services for clients but just because you’ve got an office or a shop in the high street – doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have a website that easily attracts website visitors and converts them into buying, happy customers.

And this is where we, Brutal Digital Marketing, come into your life. Whether or not you’ve got a website, a Facebook page or Twitter account, unless you’ve got a good stream of leads coming from that digital presence, you’ll probably need our help.

Brutal 2

If you haven’t got a website at all…well, you definitely need our help.

What can Brutal Digital Marketing do for me?

You might ask – “What are you going to do for me?” Well, we’ll start by having a chat and look at your current digital process. How are you getting your customers at the moment? How can you use a website to improve on that? What strategies can we implement to help you get more views on your website? Once we get more visitors on to your website, is there anything we can do to nurture those visitors into buying customers?

Once we’ve sussed out what you’re doing now, we’ll come up with a solution that matches your planned strategy and from that we’ll plan what we think that you could be doing.

Next we’ll keep tabs on what’s working and what’s not working – it’s not an exact science but because we can see plenty of analytical reports we can work out what is doing well and then knock on the head the ideas that haven’t done well. This is done to minimise the ‘spray and pray’ type of marketing that most companies have used in the past … or are still using, therefore not wasting your marketing budget so that you can spend money on what can be proven to work.

Now we know what works, let’s increase our concentration on what’s doing well to maximise our wins and then we can also come up with similar strategies that have now been proven to work to better convert our website visitors.

Once we’re on a roll we can then upgrade the systems and improve the way that you’re able to automatically deal with your leads and see them through from being a website visitor to being a happy fully paid up customer.

If you’d like help in working out a strategy for your digital marketing, social media planning along with sales and email marketing automation then let us know by contacting us here.

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