What’s a Facebook Pixel?

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You’ve probably been to a website looking for something that you’re interested in buying and within a few days you’re seeing an advert for that product all over the place on your Facebook account.

Do you want to know how it’s done? Carry on reading and I’ll let you know…

So, you’ve been on the website of a product or service that you’re interested in and now you keep on seeing adverts for that company and they all seem to be directed at you, let’s just say that you’ve been looking at a new set of golf clubs that you’d like to buy.

What's a Facebook Pixel?

The golf club website has a Facebook pixel and when you went to that website you were “pixeled”…that’s not a real word I know, so really what I’m saying is that there’s a Facebook pixel, or better described as some lines of computer language or code on the website that knows that you’re a Facebook user and the fact that you’ve been on that website has been registered by Facebook and the golf club company.

Now the golf club company knows that you’re interested in buying some new golf clubs and they’d love you to buy theirs, so they can go to their Facebook account and start producing some great adverts, show them to you specifically and try and tempt you into buying theirs.

Yup, they can actually set up an advert that can be shown just to people that have visited their website during the last 30 to 180 days. Imagine the power of that. You’re looking for a “Big Hitter” golf club, they know that and they let you know that they’ve got a sale on “Big Hitters” that week…they don’t have to advertise it in the big glossy golfing magazine and just hope that you and maybe your friend from the local golf club sees the advert…they can target you specifically knowing that you’ve been on the website page specifically for the “Big Hitter” and offer you, and only you a discount if you buy one. How targetedĀ is that?

What's a Facebook Pixel?

They can set up adverts that can be shown to people that have certain email addresses…yes, if you’ve left your email address with the golf club company, they can upload a list of email addresses and Facebook can show adverts to those people on that list. That’s interesting, especially when you consider what I wrote recently about how important your email list is…see where this is going?

The golf club company can also use Facebook adverts to show adverts to an audience that looks like a specific audience, let me explain. Imagine that, 1,000 people – including you – visit the golf club website looking at the “Big Hitter” golf club. The pixel on their website fires and it remembers that you were on their website as well as the other 999 people. Facebook has information about you and all of these other people, what you like and where you go. Facebook uses over 2,000 data points of information about all of its users.

The golf club company wants to advertise to you, because it knows that you’ve been to its website, but it can also advertise to the audience that looks like you…it’s called a look-a-like audience. Facebook uses these data points, the information it’s collected about you and the other 999 Facebook users that they have recorded went to the “Big Hitter” website and then it matches that information with other Facebook users that have maybe “liked” the same Facebook pages as you or the same music as you and maybe the same golf clubs as you. Facebook can produce this look-a-like audience from the true audience that has visited the golf club website, you and the other 999 users, and then the golf club company can start showing adverts to this new audience in the hopes of finding new buyers as well.

This example is only scratching the surface of what Facebook advertising can do, it’s packed with features that you can use to attract more clients to your business, or actively target the people that you want to advertise your products or service to.

It’s absolutely amazing what Facebook advertising can do and if you’re interested in knowing more, “like” this page and keep an eye open for lessons about how to set up this type of Facebook advertising for your own business.

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